Meisjes van Venus

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Your personal love story made into a tango...

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meisjes full poster copy smallerPavadita's new production, Girls from Venus, is full of poetry, song and of course plenty of tangos...The charismatic and captivating Juan Tajes provides the song and spoken word and Pavadita takes care of the rest: golden oldies, original and surprising arrangements and brand new compositions.

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 Your personal love story made into a tango

Have you ever had your heart broken, or spent years yearning after an unrequited love? Are you currently in the throws of true love or maybe you're feeling angry and hurt after being cheated on?

Send us your love story and Pavadita will choose the most moving, gripping or funniest tale. Let us know if you would prefer to remain anonymous. We will of course handle the stories with the utmost discretion!

The selected story will then be transformed into a tango song text, set to music and performed live for you at one of our performances of Meisjes van Venus. (This is a Dutch language performance, so the new tango will also be in Dutch, but please feel free to send us your story in English.)

Each performance is another opportunity for a new tango. The winners will of course receive free tickets for "their" performance.

The most beautiful tango text of the series will be published in La Cadena.

How to enter:
Send your love story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (at least 2 weeks before the preferred performance)
10/4 Huizen
13/4 Nieuw- en Sint Joosland
19/4 Leiden
2/5 Wittem
6/6 Rotterdam







The fiery passion of the tango meets the brilliance of the string quartet. From their roots in authentic Argentine tango, the Pavaditas travel from the milonga, to contemporary classical music via rock, pop and latin - all with sparkling original arrangements and compositions.

The quartet have diverse artistic interests and enjoy using these to broaden their musical horizons and seek new challenges. Whether exploring different musical genres or collaborating with other musicians, actors, dancers and artists, the Pavaditas enjoy putting their heart and soul into their work. They bring the raw power and intimate emotions of the tango into the here and now.

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