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Special Guest Maria de Fatima


If you want to get from Portugal to Argentina, then you have to cross the sea

This spring and next winter Pavadita will sail forth on a musical adventure, with fado singer Maria de Fatima as travel guide and companion. In the concert performance "Stella Maris", the diva takes the quartet to her home town of Lisbon. From there Pavadita invites her to the capital city of tango; Buenos Aires.

Stella Maris crosses an ocean of desires. It's an ocean that promises freedom, but can also lead to comedy or tragedy; for crew and passengers alike. Sirens can lure you from your path; first with a fado, then with a tango. There will be songs about the sea, sailors and loves left behind on distant shores: as always with Pavadita there will be timeless classics as well as surprising new work. Bon voyage!


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